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We pride ourselves on our transparent, customer focused approach to pricing

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Our Pricing Structure

Software development is notoriously difficult to cost, just one reason why we like to talk to you rather than offer automated estimates.

How do we charge you?We are fair

Whether your project is based on a fixed or rolling contract,we invoice on an agreed recurring basis, linked to clearly defined goals. You'll always get what you pay for.

We also make it easy for you to check on the time spent on your project and all costs incurred using our transparent project management platform. For the techies out there, we use Jira as our main project management tool.

How do we price your project?focused approach to pricing

Because every project is different we'd like to first discuss with you your specific needs before providing an estimate. Our estimates are quick, free, detailed & without obligation.

We start by establishing whether you would like to work towards a fixed price budget, or, if you have ongoing requirements, would prefer to establish a relationship based on a rolling agreement.

So how much will your project cost?We'll try our best to answer this.

Software development is really really difficult to cost, just one reason why we like to talk to you first to find out exactly what you are looking to build.

We start by providing an indicative project cost against your project requirements. These are based on our transparent pricing model.

Project managerYour remote manager

There's a lot of developers out there but what most of them don't understand is the essential need for a really good project manager who understand exactly what you are looking for even before starting your project.
Your project manager will help throughout the development of your software and won't leave your side.

Developement TeamIOS & Android at your service

Our dedicated and qualified computer addicts work hard behind the scenes to get your project up and running with the highest quality code. We don't like messy coding because it's not easy to manage even within a team. Quality working practices are at the heart of what we do every day.

Quality ControlCheck it check it check it

All code has bugs - even ours. But with our QA's constantly checking everything the developers build we also strive to give your project those finishing touches that give you the confidence you and your customers need. There's a lot of testing to do before your launch your service. We are behind you all of the way.

Working at your speedPlanning your launch

Everyone wants everything by yesterday but in the real world that's something we are still working on.
Your project manager, initial estimates and costs can be met along with your budget. Want it fast (but not yesterday) - we have the developers to make it happen. Whatever the case, we will work with you to keep to your time scales.

Finishing your projectThat's the goal right?

There's no better feeling that getting to Version 1 of your software - the time you can show it to your clients. We help with every step of the way and make sure you deliver the software your originally imagined.
After this, we are still here to support you and continue to manage your project on an on going basis. If by this time you have your own in-house team, you can be assured that the code will meet the highest standards and your new team won't hate you for giving them software they can't understand. We don't ever want to lose you, but if we do we know you'll be happy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now and start the magical journey of making your software idea a reality. We are ready and waiting for you to excite us with your great ideas and dreams. Contact us today.